CHEF Jewel

Cooking is my passion, passed down from my dad, who taught me that it should be enjoyable and imaginative. I treasure connection over food, which is why I enjoy helping people connect with loved ones through food.

My Culinary Journey

My Culinary Journey

Growing up in Magnolia, Texas, and later moving to Southwest Florida,
 I gained over 20 years of hospitality industry experience. From there I attended culinary school and earned a Master’s in hospitality. Through my collective experiences, I’ve come to understand that food is more than just sustenance; it brings people together and enriches life. Let me have the honor of serving you and igniting the spark of connection in your life.

I have a profound love for the generational aspect of food culture, as it holds a special place in my heart.

Passed down from my dad, my passion for cooking is not just about preparing meals;
it’s about embracing the joy and creativity that comes with it. I truly believe that cooking should be a delightful and imaginative experience, one that weaves together the threads of tradition and innovation.

What truly captivates me about food culture is its ability to forge connections among people. I treasure the power of food to bring loved ones together, to create shared memories and experiences. Let me have the honor of serving you and igniting the spark of connection in your life.

Rooted in the vibrant tapestry of

The Gulf Coast

Texas, New Orleans, and Florida—regions where I’ve lived my entire life— I find inspiration for my menus. The abundance of seafood, meat, and produce from the Gulf Coast shapes the distinct and flavorful profiles of each dish I create. I hope you will find inspiration in it too!